World Missions

Learn about Hobart Assembly's local and global missions program

We here at Hobart Assembly are committed to making the Great Commission, OUR COMMISSION. Last year, our church invested over $100,000 in local and foreign missions and this year we will do even more! We are very active in our community and we host several community events each year with the goal of making Jesus famous all around us. In addition, we make it a top priority to train and activate our members into ministry. 

Hobart Assembly has many outreach-based ministries and these ministries are expanding and growing all the time. From street witnessing to nursing home ministries; from feeding the poor to providing clothing to people living on the streets - there is something here for you to get involved in.

If you would like to be a part of one of our upcoming outreach events, please contact our Outreach team using the form below:

Global Missions Program

Each year we strive to give more and more to both local and global missions. We do this by financially supporting missionaries, sponsoring special missions-based projects, going on short-term trips, and praying for our missionaries each and every month. Each year we carefully review our missions commitments to ensure that our support is being channeled to where it is needed most and where it will be most effective in accomplishing the Great Commission.

In addition to the many missionaries and missions organizations that we support, we also believe that God has given us a Scriptural mandate to feed the hungry, train ministers of the Gospel and support Israel. Each of these efforts are included in our monthly missions commitments.

Where do our missions dollars go?

One of the important things that we have discovered at Hobart Assembly is that when we make God's Heart Priorities OUR priorities we will walk in divine blessing and supernatural provision.  Because of this, we have made it our goal to find ways to partner with missions organizations and fellow churches that are doing the job well. So besides the support we give to our own local outreaches and missionaries we also endeavor to:

  1. Look after the orphan and the widow - We know that God desires to help the orphan and that when we provide food and clothing for those in need we are actually doing the same for our father in heaven. Through your monthly missions giving at Hobart Assembly, we are feeding, clothing and providing educational needs for approximately 150 children each month.
  2. Bless Israel - The Bible makes it clear, "those who bless Israel will be blessed and those curse Israel will be cursed." We must never forget the debt we owe to the people of Israel. God still loves them and God will fulfill every promise he gave to Abraham on their behalf.
  3. Raise up and train laborers for the harvest - Jesus said "Pray ye the Lord of the Harvest to raise up laborers. For the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few." Because of this mandate, we proudly support local Christian schools and ministry training centers and colleges to raise up a generation of anointed men and women of God who will change their generation.

Though we support many Assemblies of God missionaries and evangelistic agencies throughout the world, we also sponsor several missions organizations that share our heart for reaching the world for Christ.

Each and every month we support approximately 40 different missionaries, world evangelists, and missions organizations. Because many of our missionaries are in sensitive countries, we cannot print the names and/or locations of all our missionaries, but here are a few of the countries that are represented:

Spain - India - Vanuatu - Peru - Italy - Czech Republic - France - Togo - South Africa - Slovakia - Netherlands - Malta - Cambodia - Mexico - Israel

Would you like to get involved in an upcoming outreach or missions event? We would love to get you involved!