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Ten years ago, we were a relatively small church with around 60 attendees.  Today, there are over 400 people who call Hobart Assembly their church home.  During this time, we have added multiple services, renovated our sactuary and office space, busted out walls and expanded our modernized our classrooms to accomodate this substantial growth.  Our small groups, youth and children's ministries are busting at the seams.  We have now come to a place where we must build to continue reaching people with the Gospel message and ministering to those whom God has entrusted to our care. 


This past year, we began taking the steps necessry to ensure that we will be able to faithfully fulfill all that God is calling us to do.  We have set a course to build a new 37.000 square foot worship center on our existing property.  This facility comes at a cost of a little over $6 million dollars.  When completed, it will allow us to more than triple our current attendance, greatly expand our ministry capabilities, and reach into our communities like never before.


Will you join us as we do the necessary hard work and stretch our faith so that this ministry center will become a reality?  Together we can pave the way for our community to find hope in Christ and set the foundation for the next generation of servant leaders to do even more for the Kingdom of God!


If anybody ever told you that faith is easy, they have never beleived for anything truly great!  Faith is spiritual hard work and we, as a church body, have set our faith do something that is truly significant and will require the highest level of sacrifice and supernatural intervention to accomplish.  Although there is a natural path for us to us to accomplish this task, we realize that our God is a very great God and there is none like Him! 

In March 2017, our congregants put their faith forward and committed approximately $650,000 towards the new building. This was a huge sacrifice for our people.  In fact, the consulting firm that we are working with was absolutely amazed at the results.  By their forecast, the financial makeup of our church body would have made half of that amount a win for our campaign.  In order to do what our people did, it was very evident that both the leadership and the body dug deep and gave sacrificially.  We have committed ourselves to doing the hard work of faith and are contining to seek God for wisdom and direction in this matter.  We believe that God is very wise and he wants this completed even more than we do.  We are anticipating God to move in supernatural ways to accomplish this great task.


Perhaps you feel the Lord tugging at your heart to do something that few people in this world are in a position to do.  Give online today or mail your gift to the address below.  All gifts are tax-deductable.  Thank you!!!

Hobart Assembly

7545 E. Ridge Road

Hobart, IN  46342

make checks payable to Hobart Assembly